Sending a 3M Digital Impression

Accurate. Precise. The 3M True Definition Scanner supports open STL files, so you can work with your orthodontic lab, design and mill chairside, or share files with other trusted partners for expanded clinical solutions. And, because your digital impressions are generated by 3M’s 3D-in-motion video technology, they’ll feature extraordinary detail with industry leading accuracy — providing more control and consistency than traditional processes.

3M Digital Impression Instructions

Connecting with Maverick: The 3M ESPE System has two options to add Maverick as one of your “Favorite Labs.”

  1. Call 3M directly at (800) 634-2249 and request to add Maverick Dental Laboratories (Monroeville, PA) to your “Favorite Labs” list.
  2. Select Maverick Dental Laboratories, LLC (Monroeville, PA) on the 3M lab list found by logging into your account at https://casemanager.3m.com.

Send your scans to the 3M Connection Center and we will receive email notification in regard to your file.

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3M Intraoral Workflow Guide