Fixed Prosthetics


Just like your practice, when it comes to prosthetics, crown and bridge restorations continue to be the cornerstone of our business.

Much of the work flow in our crown and bridge division channels through our CAD/CAM department. From the manufacturing of models derived from your digital impressions to the computer-aided design and actual milling of full-contour restorations, we marry this advanced technology with traditional artistic interpretation to provide exceptional quality products. With the precision of the CAD design software, we are able to more carefully control the specifications of each and every one of your restorations.

We also take full control of the aesthetic dimension of your restorations with porcelain cut-back/add-on techniques, combined with advanced staining protocol. It all comes home when you seat our restorations with little to no adjustment and watch them virtually disappear among the other dentition.

Prescription selections for all-ceramic crowns and bridges continue to grow as dentists become more confident in the material selections of Monolithic Zirconia and Monolithic Lithium Discilicate (IPS e.max™). These materials are proven solutions for function, aesthetics and longevity. The superior strength of Zirconia is highly indicated for posterior restorations, and the exceptional aesthetic qualities and translucency of IPS e.max™ are the top choice for anterior restorations.

That said, we continue to see strong demand for classic Porcelain Fused to Metal restorations. In the hands of our talented ceramists, the aesthetics and strength of traditional PFM crowns and bridges rival the all-ceramic alternatives. The choice is yours.

Whatever your product selection, our team will consistently deliver the most lifelike, functional restorations that will benefit your patients’ smiles for years to come.

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