IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate





IPS e.max®

IPS e.max is an excellent blend of beauty and strength.  Made of lithium disilicate, a glass ceramic it meets the highest aesthetic demands yet possesses the durability needed for long-term restorative needs.

Maverick presses all IPS e.max for maximum strength (400 MPa’s) and maximum margin refinement. Available in full contour monolithic or cut back and multi-layered, IPS e.max remains our choice for single anterior/posterior crowns, 3-unit anterior bridges (bicuspid forward), veneers and inlay/onlays.  With excellent translucency and accurate light refraction, you can count on having restorations returned to you that will essentially disappear in the mouth.



Highly esthetic and translucent applications, up to 3-unit anterior bridges.  Flexural strength of 400 Mpa’s



Parafunctional activity (severe bruxing and clenching), long span bridges, certain pontic span width limitations apply, feather edge and bevel preps



We prefer a shoulder preparation with a rounded internal angle.  This can be obtained using “rounded shoulder” diamonds that have no acute angles.   Please provide at least 1.0 mm of reduction at the margin and 2.0 mm of anatomical occlusal reduction.  Heavy Chamfer preparations are also acceptable, provided there is no unsupported tooth structure at the margin.  Bevels are contra-indicated.



 Adhesive bonding or conventional cementation


Tech Notes:

Please provide a stump shade with each prescription.  Due to the high translucency of IPS e.max we take great care in masking out the underlying shade to provide you with the best result possible.

Insurance Codes:    ADA Insurance Codes: Single Crown 2740, Inlay 2610-2630, Onlay 2642-2644, Veneer 2962.