Removable Prosthetics





For many dentists, removable prosthetics tend to be the least appealing aspect of their restorative practices. With the right laboratory partner, however, removable cases can become more consistent and predictable. Now more than ever, patients are seeking dentures that fit better, look more natural and are resistant to staining. By working hand in hand with our clients, we help to deliver better prosthetics, making your job easier and making your patients happy.

An important aspect of your interaction with patients is helping them to decide on the right alternatives to replacing missing teeth. Depending on your patient’s budgetary constraints and aesthetic preferences, Maverick can help you provide the best prosthetic solutions to satisfy your patient’s needs. We offer traditional dentures and partials in Economy, Standard and our very best, Genesis. Our experienced technicians can also consult with you regarding implant-supported removable prosthetics.

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