Immediate Dentures: Dentsply Classic® Teeth, basic finish

Due to the importance of delivering a well-fitting, quality denture for post-surgical insertion, we take pride in making these “temporary” dentures as comfortable and aesthetic as possible. We empathize with your patient’s situation and wish to minimalize any of their emotional transition to wearing dentures.


Economy Dentures: Dentsply Classic Teeth, basic finish

When reimbursement dictates a value-oriented denture, our Economy denture is a great choice for price-conscious patients. Dentsply Classic teeth are included and the denture is processed with high-impact acrylic and finished with precision and care. The end result is a good looking denture that fits well and has proper function.


Standard Dentures: Denstply TruExpression™ Teeth, Ivobase® or Lucitone 199™ Processing

Our standard denture includes Dentsply TruExpression teeth and is processed with Lucitone 199 or Ivoclar’s Ivobase System. General stippling and festooning elevate the standard denture to great value for your patients.

Industry standard, Lucitone 199 is the premium choice for both tissue and implant-supported full and partial dentures, offering outstanding aesthetics, high impact resistance and superb flexural strength. Excellent aesthetics are paired with balanced translucency and lifelike vein simulation. Shade choices are original, light, light reddish-pink and dark pink.


Genesis Dentures: Ivoclar Phonares® Teeth or client’s choice, Ivobase Processing

The Genesis denture incorporates the very best craftsmanship our talented technicians have to offer. When maximum aesthetics are required, let us deliver a denture that has meticulous festooning and stippling, anatomical palate and muscle tone, and lifelike tissue toning. Ivobase Processing system, available in a variety of shades, ensures a superb fit and a denture that is substantially more dense.



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