Partial Dentures





Economy Partial Dentures:

Bego Alloy, Dentsply Classic Teeth, basic finish


Composition: Cobalt 60.6%, Chromium 31.5%, Molybdenum 6.6%


High strength and fracture resistance

High surface luster to resist plaque build-up

Biocompatible, nickel- and beryllium-free


Standard Partial Dentures:

Vitallium alloy, Dentsply TruExpression Teeth, Ivobase Processing

Trusted for over 80 years, Vitallium alloy is the premium cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy that maintains a high luster and will not tarnish or corrode. This alloy is also nickel- and beryllium-free, resulting in a biocompatible appliance for the patient.



Vitallium 2000 alloy provides superior strength, making it extremely fracture resistant and enabling dental laboratories to fabricate lighter, more refined partials for improved aesthetics and greater patient comfort. Vitallium 2000 partials adjust very easily and the lower Vickers Hardness minimizes abrasion on opposing dentition.

Composition: Cobalt 63.1%, Chromium 28.5%, Molybdenum 6.0%



Superior strength and fracture resistance

Lighter, more refined partial frameworks

High surface luster and plaque resistance

Biocompatible, nickel- and beryllium-free