High Aesthetic Dental Lab
Very Important Practice  |  Very Important Patient  |  Very Important Prosthetic

For the cases that require very sensitive handling by the most talented and experienced hands, our clients triage them to our VIP team.  We have assembled a team of the most experienced and talented technicians to satisfy the most demanding patient or the most intricate of cases.

Blending science and artistry, our VIP technicians will collaborate closely with you on each case.  We seek to clearly understand your vision of the outcome and will consult closely with you regarding the outcome and obstacles presented in these more challenging cases.

VIP Practice:

We have clients that use our VIP Services for all of their cases.  They prefer the enhanced service, interaction and overall synergy brought to all of their cases.  These clients like the boutique feel of working with 2-3 technicians all the time.  VIP becomes a close partner with them in delivering the consistent quality they demand.

VIP Patient:

From movie stars to professional athletes – from Mother-in-laws to spouses, every dentist has that VIP patient with prosthetic needs.  This is when you need the right hands on the case so you can rest assured of delivering spot-on restorations…the first time.  Let us help ease your stress about these high profile patients, so you can look like a hero.

VIP Prosthetics:

Like you, we wish that every case was textbook, and we realize they are not.  Some cases are so compromised that you wonder if they are restorable.  Poorly placed implants, extreme malocclusions, severely worn dentition, trauma patients.  When you decide to accept these cases and schedule for treatment, part of that decision is based on the capabilities of your laboratory partner.  We have solved a myriad of problems with the vast amount of unusual clinical situations that we have faced.  We always select the most simple, elegant, and long lasting solution available.   We invite you to challenge us with the out of ordinary and challenging prosthetic situations you have.  Let’s work together to provide your patients with great smiles.


For Best Results Please Include the Following With Your Case:

  • Both maxillary and mandibular full-arch preoperative casts.
  • Diagnostic wax-ups
  • A smile design from a personalized smile or a smile catalog
  • Bite Registration


Check List of Items Needed to Complete a Cosmetic Case:

  1. Photos of pre-op teeth with shade guide from different angles
  2. Photos of preps with stump shade tabs visible in the photo
  3. Photos of temporaries, full face including eyes.
  4. Photos of temporaries, eye to chin relaxed lip position
  5. Model of pre-op
  6. Model of temporaries
  7. Bite registration
  8. Full arch impression and poured opposing model
  9. Stick bite (vertical and horizontal plane parallel to interpupillary line)
  10. Detailed lab slip expressing goals for your patient
  11. Indicate the desired length of final restorations