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While working with large Enterprise laboratories seems to make sense to most Group Practice and DSO Organizations, they can be much better served by partnership with a mid-size laboratory that can out-service corporate conglomerates.

Lacking a legacy succession plan or alternative exit strategy, many mid-sized laboratories have been absorbed by corporate chain laboratories because the owners had no exit strategy or legacy succession plan. The remaining strong independent laboratories that have the critical mass required to attract key talent and acquire cutting-edge technology and business systems can be the best option for Group Practice and DSO Organizations.

Labs like Maverick can be more flexible in meeting their client’s needs and excel in forging excellent relationships with the Ownership, Clinical Directors, Associate Directors and staff.

How WE Compare.

Small Local Lab

Corporate Large Chain Lab

Privately Owned

Full Service

Robust Metrics & Reporting

Full Digital Capabilities

Deep Technical Team

Excellent Customer Service

Small Lab Feel

Well Capitalized for Expansion

Business & Technical Flexibility

Maverick… Just Right.

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