Flexible Partials

The flexible partials available from Maverick Dental Laboratories offer superior comfort for partially edentulous patients. Unlike their stiff, acrylic or cast counterparts, flexible partials rest more comfortably within a patient’s mouth and move with the slightly shifting nature of the partially edentulous arch. If you are in search of high-quality flexible partial, we invite you to check out our two options listed below.


This flexible partial denture is fabricated out of a nylon thermoplastic that allows for unlimited design versatility. In addition to patient-specific esthetics, Valplast® also provide dependable strength and retention.


  • Metal-Free Design
  • Reduced Chair Time
  • Noninvasive Procedure
  • Unlimited Design Versatility


Duraflex® is crafted out of a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer, which is an excellent alternative for patients allergic to acrylic monomers. Unlike its acrylic and flexible alternatives, Duraflex® is denser and highly resistant to stains and odors.


  • Stain- and Odor-Resistant
  • Thin, Lightweight, and Flexible
  • Clinically Unbreakable
  • Easily Repaired, Rebased, or Altered with Additional Teeth

Are You Faced with an Ill-Fitting or Broken Denture?

The Maverick team is happy to provide quick and efficient reline or repair services to all our clinicians. Get you patient smiling again today!