Intraoral Scanning- Scan Bodies

  • Remove the healing cap and take a pretreatment scan
  • Disinfect the scan post, scan cap and fixation screw
  • Inspect scan body to ensure they are cleaned and undamaged
  • Insert scan body and hand-tighten the fixation screw
  • Check for proper fit and placement by ensuring the flat or bevel side of the scan body is towards the buccal/facial
  • Take a verification x-ray to confirm the scan body is fully seated
  • Scan the scan body by starting with the center of the scan body in the crosshairs of the wand
  • Limit scanning time to 10 seconds and then use the fill tool for missing data
  • Review the scan quality and fill out the RX with all the implant information

Call the lab with any questions about intraoral scanning and scan body compatibility