Introducing the newest to Maverick’s product offerings, the PrintGuard3D Occlusal Splint! This 3D printed bite splint provides the very best in digital precision, cost savings for the dentist, along with the protection and comfort your patients need.

About the PrintGuard3D

The PrintGuard3D is printed with the KeySplint Soft material. If you would like to learn more about this product, please go to

Why the PrintGuard3D?

Care Instructions for Your Patients

Heat the splint under 105 degree water for around 30 seconds to activate thermoforming capabilities. Then, place inside the mouth & adjust with fingers until properly seated and comfortable. NEVER bite the splint into place.

The PrintGuard3D should only be cleaned with LUKEWARM water and light soap. Do this to avoid manipulating the shape during cleaning. DO NOT use denture cleaners on this product.

Cost Savings with Model-free

No models needed with the PrintGuard3D! By going model-free, you will be saving with each nightguard case sent in.

The Model-free PrintGuard3D will become the default for all digital scans sent in for nightguards on 6/1/2024.

*If you would like to opt out of the PrintGuard3D default and/or model-free nightguards, you can update you preferences by going to