Scan Bodies - A How-To Guide & Care Instructions

Watch a video on how to take a scan body scan to send in to the lab!

Maverick Compatible Implant Solutions

Supporting your practice with wide-ranging abutment solutions so you can restore your implant cases with confidence. Maverick’s series of compatible scan bodies offers you access to abutments with the same quality and performance as brand-name OEM parts, at an excellent value for your practice.

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Sterilization Steps

1) Arrange the abutments, screws & components in a germicidal tray, ensuring residues are thoroughly removed.

2) Immerse components in a germicidal agent for recommended duration.

3) After removal from germicide, rinse components 3 times with distilled water & dry using a lint-free cloth.

4) Soak components in a high-level disinfectant solution for the required time.

5) Rinse components with distilled water 3 times after removal from solution.

6) Air-dry components & individually place them in autoclavable, steam sterilization-safe packaging immediately.

7) Autoclave the components either at 132°C for 7 minutes or at 121°C for 20 minutes.

8) Store all sterilized components parts in a dry, dust-free environment at room temperature.