Digital Denture: Try-In Clinical Checklist

Please include when sending try-in back to lab

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    – The Try-In is an exact evaluation design of the final denture.
    – Adjust & equilibrate the digital Try-In denture. Scan adjusted Try-In denture and send to lab.
    – Provide exacting adjustment instructions – expressed in millimeters of change.
    – In addition to the checklist comments, if desired, write/express adjustment instructions in marker on the Try-In.

    Step-By-Step Checklist

    1. Insert the Try-In in the patient’s mouth and adjust sharp spots or pressure areas.

    2. Does the Try-In have good retention?

    If No, re-impression the Try-In for new scans.

    3. Is the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (VDO) correct?

    If No, adjust occlusion and make a new record.

    4. Are there areas of over-extension?

    If Yes, grind away any over-extension and rescan to send to lab.

    5. Is the midline in position?

    If No, mark adjusted midline on Try-In denture with thin diameter bur and rescan.

    6. Is the lip support adequate?

    If No, indicate facial or lingual – indicate adjustment +/- in mm. Evaluate the upper teeth on the wet/dry line of the lower lip. Evaluate “SH” sound for lower teeth.

    7. Is the incisal edge position correct?

    If No, determine if teeth are too high or low – indicate adjustment +/- in mm. Check “F” and “V” sounds.

    8. Is there a cant?

    If Yes, provide teeth adjustment, left or right – indicate adjustment +/- in mm.

    9. From the view of the facial, are the cervicals of anterior teeth in proper placement?

    If No, lengthen or shorten – indicate adjustment +/- in mm.

    10. Is there a preference for the anterior tooth arrangement?


    11. Select final denture tooth shade (Note – Shades for beta-test are limited to A1, A2 & B1 & standard pink acrylic base):

    12. Select characterization:

    If Other, write your selection below:

    Additional Comments:

    Submit this checklist for noted adjustments and final design.