Streamlining Abutment Costs with Maverick Dental Lab

1) Differences between 'Compatible' & 'OEM' Abutments

Due to the myriad of implant systems that exist on the market today, many labs like Maverick utilize widely-compatible abutment manufacturers to fabricate titanium/zirconia custom abutments.  Maverick specifically partners with the Argen Corp & Creodent to provide your practice with high quality, FDA 510(k) cleared abutments at competitive pricing levels for nearly all implant systems. 

On the other hand, Maverick also sends select cases to OEM manufacturers (OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer).  In this scenario, if the implant body was made by Straumann, it guarantees that the final abutment is also fabricated at Straumann’s facility.  When Maverick utilizes OEM abutment manufacturers, the cost to manufacturer varies by brand & is often more than double the cost compared to Maverick’s preferred ‘compatible’ option.  This additional cost is reflected on the final case invoice as an Incremental OEM Fee.

2) Why does scan body choice matter when sending digital impressions?

Your choice of scan body determines the manufacturing route that the lab must take with its abutment partners (either compatible or OEM). If a brand-name, OEM scan body is utilized in your practice, then our lab’s design libraries are limited to be sent only to the OEM manufacturer, which will in turn create an ‘Incremental OEM Fee’ on the final restoration invoice.

Alternatively, by ordering Maverick’s ‘Compatible’ scan bodies, Maverick has the ability to utilize its preferred abutment manufacturer to provide you with precision-milled, brand-compatible custom abutments at a substantially lower price.  

3) Ordering Maverick 'Compatible' Scan Bodies to eliminate OEM fees

Maverick’s preferred scan bodies will allow you to streamline your implant case costs.  These scan bodies are autoclavable, multi-use & have laser etched system codes for easy distinction.  Additionally, their construction out of sandblasted medical-grade titanium mean that they have radiopacity for accurate confirmation of complete seating. 

Follow this link to Maverick’s online store to purchase ($10 per scan body when using promocode “SmileSource” at checkout):

4) Pricing & 25% Smile Source Rebate

On an invoice level, the retail price of a ‘Maverick Compatible’, Custom Titanium Abutment & Zirconia Crown is $525.95.  After factoring in Maverick’s 25% Smile Source rebate check, the true net price is $394.46/unit.  

5) Maverick's Implant Abutment Warranty

For a period of up to five (5) years after lab fabrication, Maverick warrants that it will repair or replace any of its abutments free of charge (excluding abutments requiring angulation correction of over 20 degrees).  In the instance an implant supplier does not honor their warranty due to the use of a non-OEM, compatible abutment, Maverick will reimburse the clinician for the actual & verifiable purchase cost of the replacement implant & will remake the product, at no additional cost.  Warranty claims must be submitted to Maverick for review within 30 days from the date that the claimed defect was discovered.